…will make your vehicle more intelligent. With our operational strategies, your vehicle learns about the route and the energy demand to become more and more efficient over time.

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…for a rapid comparison of novel propulsion technologies for your vehicle. We will assess the energy flows and determine under which operational conditions your vehicle can function in the best possible way. We will dimension the drivetrain components and auxiliaries according to the planned conditions and application scenarios.

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…offers comprehensive analysis of your battery system in ongoing operation, including precise load and ageing monitoring as well as detection of residual value – your key to complete investment security.

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…determines the operating conditions regarding route and cycle for all cyclically operating vehicles, such as trams and buses in public transport as well as commercial vehicles with fixed tour schedules. Our algorithms unlock the potential for optimization and cost reduction in current operation.

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…delivers concepts for the introduction of electric buses based on their existing cycle plans. We develop your introduction strategy for the coming years. Our customers rely on our professional expertise and many years of experience.

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For many years, the Fraunhofer IVI has been working in projects on innovative propulsion systems for public transport. The focus is on fully-electric and hybrid propulsion systems.

The institute’s expertise is based on measurement studies in public transport vehicles, in-depth knowledge of vehicle engineering, especially in propulsion systems, and the technical realization of innovative propulsions in test vehicles (AutoTram®, AutoTram® Extra Grand, EDDA-Bus as fast-charging battery bus, plug-in hybrid bus SaxHybridPLUS).

The experience from the area of public transport vehicle engineering has been used to develop the institute’s own vehicle simulation model IVIsion. This model, which has already been applied in many projects, describes vehicles in complete detail. Precise component models are created for the interaction between vehicle, environment and road, drivetrain, energy storage, auxiliaries, air conditioning and heating as well as driver and passengers. These models are combined to one highly complex simulation model which helps, for instance, to achieve precise prognoses regarding the energy consumption of a vehicle-propulsion configuration under certain application conditions. This program is complemented by IVInet, which can deliver network-covering and optimized introduction concepts for battery buses even under consideration of frequent change of bus lines.

The system IVImon detects relevant state parameters of the battery storage and provides them in a user-friendly way via an API or a web interface.

Further tools are available for optimization and reduction of costs in ongoing operation, adding to the increased efficiency and durability of the vehicles.

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Our customers rely on our professional expertise and many years of experience.

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